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"Was that wrong?"
"If that was wrong, then I always want to be wrong. Never leave again."
"No, I shall never leave again."
"I’m going to go get us some wine."
"But, I’m an addict, it could lead to… heroin all over again…"
"It’ll be fine."
"Ok. Are you sure that’s a good idea?" 

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love fully

be yourself

live now

confront fear

embrace life 

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Watching The Spoils of Babylon to lull myself to sleep, can’t believe how good Episode 3 is. 

I hit the road with only my thumb and a beat up old Olivetti Typewriter

I didn’t know what I was looking for

God, love, death, kicks

I knew I needed to go and never stop going

My head bent to the railroad earth

I wandered forth into the electric negro dawn

Cold water flats and boxcars booming through cities 

Cleveland, Davenport, Denver, and the sound of mad jazz piercing through back alleys and flophouses

New adventures and miles between desire and hope

Desire and hope spread out like one long ribbon across the land, engines into the madness

Charlie Parker with his “doo doo tu roo”

Miles and Dizz

Old Al Bevins cracked his skull on the Wabash El in cold downtown Chicago

Quivering like a madman, laughing under the noise and the clang of all that American music

Fixing and shooting in gloom shadows, like innocent angels in supplication

Wither and hither I went, like a nomad lost on the desert of no self. 

A moving dynamo slipping through the fog. 

Always, “Hey, man, go!” and “Where’s it at?”

And too often, the search for love in loveless love dens where loveless girls not even acquainted with love or Buddha or Karl Marx or Jung leave love behind for kicks and commerce

One night the sad old moon hung over the Golden Gate Bridge like Dick Powell in some Hollywood musical

I was out in the dark bay mist, down in Sausalito on Big Jim Lardner’s boat, Dexter Gordon wailing on the radio

When moon-faced Dick Powell opened up to me and asked me if I knew who I was was, really knew the essential soul within

Dick Powell, I’ll always see your pictures for that. 

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My favourite, rubyetc on Tumblr

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Football, Feminism and You | 1x06

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Mr Darcy’s House - Chatsworth.

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Tatiana Maslany being cute confused when trying to explaining the process of shooting clone scenes.

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Laugh, and the world laughs with you;
Weep, and you weep alone.
For the sad old earth must borrow it’s mirth,
But has trouble enough of its own.
Ella Wheeler Wilcox (via observando)
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I think my selfie problem is getting out of hand..

This deserves at least a thousand notes !!

the last one

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